Sports Medicine

Sports medicine and sports physical therapy involve a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving athletic performance through the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. These qualified professionals have a wide range of backgrounds including exercise physical therapistlogists, athletic trainers, physicians, biomechanists, nutritionists and physical therapists.

Our goal is to improve athletic performance. We take pride in preventing, identifying, minimizing, and correcting athletic injuries through a series of treatments.

Sports Medicine Treatment Options

Our expert physical therapists may perform a variety of interventions designed to prevent and treat sports injuries. These therapies may include:

  1. Pre-participation screening – Physical therapists will assess and identify any issues that may lead to an injury in an athlete.
  2. Cardiovascular, resistance, endurance and neuromuscular re-education exercise programs – Athletes may be educated on a variety of programs that will help improve their wellness and performance.
  3. Taping and bracing – If deemed necessary, physical therapists can minimize injury occurrence by taping and/or bracing ankles, elbows, and other areas susceptible to injury.
  4. Sports specific ergonomic and training regimens – Our sports medicine experts may prescribe ergonomic adjustments to improve mobility in athletes, as well as training regimens to enhance performance and increase wellness.
  5. Manual physical therapy – In some cases, hands-on treatment of joints, muscles, and limbs may be used to improve muscle ability, mobility, and function.
  6. Orthopaedic physical therapy – Orthopaedic physical therapy treats conditions of the musculoskeletal systems, which consists of the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and more.

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