About Us

About Us

Specialized physical therapists to help you meet your goals

Shea PT is redefining PT.

From our highly-specialized physical therapists, friendly staff, continuing education for best practices, quick response times, and 1-on-1 approach to care, you can be confident you’re getting the support you need to meet your goals.

With the most board-certified therapists of any practice in the area, you can be confident you are receiving the highest quality care using cutting-edge research, technology, and best practices.

Connect with a committed PT you can count on.

Nobody should have to live a life limited by pain, not knowing how to find relief that lasts. That’s why we get started helping you get to the root of your issue as soon as you come in.

With Shea PT by your side, you benefit from:

  • Results that last: Our physical therapists combine cutting-edge procedures with years of expertise to create individualized plans for your care. So you get results that actually last.
  • No more covering up your pain: Too often, you’re forced to mask pain with medication or turn to expensive surgery that doesn’t even work. With a personalized plan, you’ll stop masking your pain and start seeing real results.
  • Improved physical performance: Get back to the life you love, whether that means taking on simple daily activities without pain or returning to the sports you enjoy with improved performance.

Get the care you deserve from a team you trust.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.