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Hilda - you have been so sweet over the past four months. I am going to miss all of you!

Love, D.

For those of you who waited, worked, tolerated and had patience with me, thank you and bless all of you. This is one of those times when saying "Thank You" does not seem like enough.

Office staff, therapy professionals, technicians - so much appreciation, and gratitude for all of you.

Sincerely, & Love,
N. I.

Shea Physical Therapy,
I want to thank Shea Therapy for all the care you have given me on my road to recovery. Your expertise and professionalism is impressive! I want to especially thank those who worked directly with me. Thank you Lucy and Hilda for always putting me in my favorite room. Thank you Diane, my direct PT, along with Shana, PTA and Alex. Thank you ladies in the front office who were always so cheery and helpful.

Warmest regards, T. K.

"Dear Ellie, I'm scheduled for an ankle replacement surgery as soon as the custom ankle piece arrives. Thank you for your beautiful care and kindness. You have a special gift."

All best, S.D.

Dan and Staff:
Just a little note of gratitude for the care I received at your facility. My experience was just as rewarding and beneficial as the first time (approximately 30 years ago). I can't thank you enough, beginning with the ladies at the front desk, Hilda & Lucy and you, Dan.

- Sincerely, M.N.

Daniel Shea and Staff:
I can't thank you enough for taking the time and risk to see me even as we all struggled to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am pleased to report you the success of your efforts as I am relatively PAIN FREE these days. I remained skeptical of the treatment outcome in the middle of August. However, I continued the prescribed physical therapy regimen and precisely as predicted, six to seven weeks later I am practically PAIN FREE! Still recovering but 100% improved - THANKS to you! My sincerest appreciation for your time and efforts,

- R. K.

To Ria & Hilda:
Thank you for everything you have done for me. Sorry for being so much trouble. You all are amazing. I thank God for placing me with such caring, loving people.

May God bless you always,
M. R.-S.

Dear Ria:
Thank you so much for sending me a second set of exercises recently! And thank you for all your help and care to me in my PT appointments. It was an absolute delight to work with you and to be encouraged by you. God bless you and your family and all the great staff at Shea!

- Sincerely, S. M. O'C.

Dan Shea, PT:
We wanted to thank you for all your help when we needed it the most. We are both back to normal and truly believe it's due to all your help & exercises you encouraged us to do. We can't thank you and your staff enough for squeezing us in & making us feel so comfortable in our time of discomfort. We wanted to donate the tone-a-matic to help others in need. May God bless you & your entire staff and family.

- A. E. & J. E.

Dear Mr. Shea:
I have just finished my therapy with your group and I wanted to let you know how much I benefited from the pre and post-operative therapy for my knee replacement. I very much enjoyed working with Diane Drysdale and Alex Benavides. Diane created an exercise program to aid my recovery and they both made certain that I would be prepared to continue it on my own. I particularly appreciated how much individual attention I received from Alex and how cheerfully he handled the barrage of questions that accompanied every session. I am, as is my doctor, very pleased with how well I have progressed in my recovery, and they deserve much of the credit. I will be sure to recommend your practice to my friends.

Sincerely yours, S.P.

Paige, Erika, Hilda, Lucy, office staff.. Everyone at Shea Physical Therapy. Thank you. You made such a difference, and it is so deeply appreciated. To Shea Physical Therapy PC: Thank you.. To ALL of you! Paige, Erika, as professional Physical Therapy Specialists made my healing and recovery from shoulder surgery a pleasant experience! Lucy and Hilda, your strange happy greetings, smiles to me.. and other therapy events make you both an important part of the Shea Physical Therapy team! The office staff.. Great! Always cheerful, really helpful to everyone! You guys are "A+"! It was great to get to know all of you.. And continued success at making your clients well!


Just a little pick me up for all of you at Shea P.T. All of you have given me so much more than my P.T. So here is a little Thank You! Enjoy the cookies. You guys Rock! This has been the BEST physical therapy I have ever received. Thank you!


Friends are treasures - Friends are treasures tried and true, the best are good as gold, like you. Thank you for all you do.


A note to thank you - your kindness means the world to me. To all the physical therapy staff: Thank you for all you do - enjoy our homemade bread. C. C.


Dan: I want to thank you and your staff so very much for personally guiding me in the physical therapy of my dislocated shoulder! Without you and your staff my amazing recovery may not have been so wonderfully successful! May you have a blessed and merry Christmas!! God bless all of you!! Christmas 2019

M. R. & L. H.

Thank you, Mr. Dan Shea! Mr. Dan Shea, The results are in, and I've decided to rank SHEA PHYSICAL THERAPY REHABILITATION CENTER NUMBER 1! My experience as a patient under the guidance of Thomas and Michael was very rewarding! Your employees are the EPITOME of professionalism, respect, kindness, encouragement, a listening ear and are watchful for our safety! I commend you in having a GREAT TEAM! You have a great staff up front, too! Roberta and Dora are great greeters and always very helpful!


R. M. G. (6/20/19)

Dear Thomas,

This note is to thank you for the P.T. program you created for me. I have been on it for almost two months and the results are awesome. We will be in Corpus soon for Spring Break with the grandchildren. Once they depart I will come by your office to see about scheduling a refresher session with you.


M.L. (March 12, 2019)

Shana & Staff, Thank you for all of your physical and emotional support. God is working through you everyday!


L.E. (Ocotober, 2018)

TO: Joyce, Paige and Staff,

All good things come to an end and I want to thank each one of you, especially Joyce in getting my arm back into working order! It was a long haul (4 months), but I am almost fully working again. (and... Yes Joyce... I will do my exercises daily at home!)

Each of you was exceptionally nice and respectful which I really appreciated especially when some days were more trying than others with the various exercises.

Again, thank you and hope not to see you on a professional basis! (Ha!)


Dan Shea,
Thank you so much for allowing me to complete some observation hours at your practice. I greatly appreciate the warmth and kindness with which I was greeted every single day, and I will certainly be putting to use the practical knowledge I gained through this experience. Please pass on my gratitude to everyone else, and know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. You have a fantastic practice filled to the brim with talented and caring individuals, and I feel very lucky to have learned from the best.

Yours most gratefully,

A.N. (June, 2018)

Thank you isn't enough for such wonderful people you have chosen as your staff. From the front desk to the therapist, I am grateful (excuse the awful writing - it's one of those days). May you continue the wonderful work you all are doing! Special thanks to Hilda, Lucy, Alex & Diane. Love you all!

A. (March, 2018)

Many thanks to my friends at Shea for helping me get back in the saddle again (or almost). Especially Paige and Clarissa who torture me at least twice a week, and listen to me complain and whine. The road was longer and harder than I'd anticipated - I guess I'm not really Superwoman. Dang! Thank all of you there for being so nice every day (Lucy & Hilda - you're awesome!) Y'all are special people - I appreciate you!

C.C. (February, 2018)

Thanks a lot for all you have done during my physical therapy. The doctor says I'm "ahead of the game". That all goes back to the physical therapy I had with you. Thanks a million for all you've done.

M. W.

Shea Physical Therapy Team: you are the BEST! Thanks to all of you for your wonderful care and passion for what you do everyday.

M. R. (reoccurring patient)

Feelings of abundant gratitude as you enter go to: beginning with the cheerful greetings and goodbyes from Maria, Cheryl, and Tina.

To the best professional Physical Therapy Team: Ms. Ria, Katelyn, Erika, Alex and other staff / backup you can find in Corpus Christi!

To the best warm-up and cool-down ladies: Ms. Lucy and Ms. Hilda.

To O.T. for helping out as I saw sometimes with my alarm clocks timing / chiming / ringing.

To the occasional peek from back office ladies

To Mr. Daniel Shea - keep doing what you do for your staff.

Thank you,

N. I. (July 2017)

Hi Daniel Shea. Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciated all the care I received at Shea Physical Therapy. I am still on the mend. I wanted to say that you have a great team and I so appreciate you, Shana and Miriam for all the tender loving care and good care you guys gave me. Miriam was on the ball when that bell went off and right behind her would come Shana to set me on the path to another exercise. I did not get to talk too much to Miriam but she always had a smile on her face and she went from patient to patient. Shana works like a little Trojan always had a smile and something nice to say when you are about to pull your hair out. Also I have never had the experience to have someone like you say you would go to the doctor with me that time I was really feeling low. You are just the best Daniel. God bless to all.

M. C.


I was recently referred to Shea Physical Therapy by Dr. Berastain, Sr. for physical therapy following rotator cuff surgery. Please know how pleased I am with the staff, facility and course of treatment. My experience there exceeded expectations in every way.

I wish to especially commend Ria Strowbridge for her work with me. Her professionalism, expertise and passion for healing are evident and her enthusiasm was as therapeutic as was her procedure and technique. She left me better than she found me with my spine erect and shoulders back.

Again, my thanks and gratitude for your part in a successful outcome and excellent prognosis.

K. T.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shea,

We are sending you a simple token of our deep appreciation for the kind attention and service rendered by you to meet the needs of our Sister M.P. There is no doubt that she benefited from the set of exercises you taught her and which she must continue doing so on her own now. She, too, was pleased with the kindness and friendliness of everyone at the center - all due to your good example, for sure.

We praise God for you and for what you do. You and your dear family are part of our prayer life.

In Jesus and Mary,

Sister L. M.
Blessed Sacrament Convent

Dear Dan:

Here are the old Canadian Air Force exercises that I told you I do several times a week. I said I would send them to you so you could check them and let me know if any of them would be bad for my left knee.

I have started on the exercise regime you gave me and the knee seems a little better. I appreciate all the time you devoted to showing me how to do each exercise, and I will make the next appointment soon.

Best regards,

A. A.

Dear Dan,

I completed the doctoral program at the University of St. Augustine in November. While working for Shea Physical Therapy, you supported my educational goals. I thank you for your support and I thank you for being a wonderful role model. When faced with a difficult decision, I attempt to emulate you. Everything I learned about customer service, I learned from you. Starting my own business has been the most difficult challenge of my life. I look back at some of the decisions you made; that I disagreed with but now understand completely. Owning a business means making sacrifices in other areas of our life. I thank you for your sacrifices and only hope I can be half as successful as you. I believe I would not have pursued doctoral studies without your support and kind words. Thank you for all you have done for our profession, our community and for me. I hope you enjoy the wine.

Kindest regards,

T. P.

To the entire team at Shea Physical Therapy:

I can't begin to tell you all how much I appreciate each and every one of you who had a part in my extremely positive experience there at Shea.

Annie and all the ladies at the front desk were always friendly and professional and always available to answer my questions and be of assistance.

Cassidy, Lucy and Hilda were wonderful at making me feel comfortable and and welcome, and were a big part of why I actually look forward to each day's session. They were always cheerful and made me smile. And though I had less contact with them, it was clear to me that Lydia was very conscientious and Lupe's attitude played a part in why morale always seemed high among all the employees.

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to Paige! She is absolutely the "real deal" in every sense. Exceptionally skilled and thoroughly personable, though totally true, seem like pretty lame attempts at describing her talent for teaching, guiding, explaining, and encouraging. It is incredible and her ability to bring out the best effort in each client is amazing.

Dan, you have done a terrific job of putting together a "dream team", with Paige as your MVA (most valuable asset). You are to be congratulated on assembling a staff and creating an atmosphere I will wholeheartedly recommend to everyone I know.

Thank you all for everything!


M. H. A.
p.s. This is me able to use my left arm again! Hooray!!!

Dear Dan,

I want to thank you and your staff for all of the assistance given me beginning last October and through July this year.

I achieved one of my goals last Thursday by playing 18 holes of golf with a couple of other half crippled friends. It was wonderful, though my distance shortage is requiring re calibration of my club selection.

Congratulation on your TAMUCC dance team. Don't get burned out.


J. R.


I just wanted to take a moment and write a sincere and heartfelt thanks to Ria and Thomas for thawing out my frozen shoulder and getting me back to normal in record time. These two were miracle workers. I came in a little more than three weeks ago because I could not move my shoulder at the direction of Dr. Barenstein. Then about 2 weeks ago I had my shoulder "manipulated", all through this painful ordeal Ria and Thomas were my physical therapists. These two did an absolutely marvelous job, so good in fact that they worked themselves out of a job in just 10 days after the manipulation by helping me regain almost all of the mobility and teaching me the exercises that I need to do!

I just wanted to point out that I am most impressed by the awesome work done at your clinic and I hope that you can pass on to them my very real and warm thanks and appreciation.

J. M.
A very satisfied customer!!!

Dear Dan,

Peace be with you! Thank you so much for seeing me and working out all the exercises for me, as well as giving me the weights and ball. May the Lord reward you for your generosity! I have started doing all the exercises, some while brushing my teeth, etc., others while praying. In thanksgiving, we offered today's mass in the convent for you and your family. God bless you!

In Christ,

Sister H.H., SOLT

To: Mr. Shea and entire staff,

Thank you for the excellent rehab experience yet again!

Your front office always had ladies at the window: friendly and willing to stop what they were doing to help when someone walked up. Maria, was certainly my very first contact by phone as I asked for information to assist my decision, as a consumer, over which facility to choose. She was very courteous, returned my phone call in a very timely fashion with the helpful quotes for my out-of-pocket expenses per visit. I sensed, over the phone, she wanted to be helpful and patiently answered my questions. Another facility in comparison gave just the opposite impression of being very inconvenienced to research the same information. But in my heart, I knew all along based on a previous experience in 2005 with a frozen shoulder this was going to be the best place for me.

My therapist Joyce and Diane were wonderful, easy to work with, and helpful if I had questions. With their watchful eye, concerned interest, and guidance I was able to achieve my goals. Thanks as well to the assistants who turned off my little timers for me. Your staff works hard and with very nice harmony which I could easily pick up on at any time I was there... A really great environment with your clients' interest at heart. I proudly wear my graduation t-shirt that Joyce gave me on the inside track at Corpus Christi Athletic Club as I continue my own exercises. Oh! Dr. Dinn was also told of my great experience there as well.

Sincerely thank you all,

God bless,

B. L.

Mr. Shea,

I have reached the end of my therapy and want to show my appreciation to your staff. They are a great group of people. I have been to other places for physical therapy but your people have shown a personal side to the people they work with. They make you feel like a friend or family member and show a personal interest in your recovery. I would highly recommend Shea Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy. Thanks again! Keep up the good work!

God bless y'all!

J. K.

Shea Physical Therapy is a place that you always feel better when you leave then you did when you came in.

Not just because you all do your job so well, but because you lift everyone's spirits!

Thank you all for all your help and encouragement.

I'm walking in 2012 on two good knees.

Good luck in the coming year,

B. W.

A "special" thanks to Dan - U R terrific! U R great! If I need you - I will be back!

Thank you all for caring for me so well.

Thank you for your happy cheerful encouraging messages. I love the Shea Physical Therapy clinic because of this uplifting atmosphere.

I always loved coming to therapy and felt much better when leaving - more fit and ready for the day!

You all work so well together and helped so many people. I loved every minute of each workout.

I think I'm improved and ready to say goodbye for now.

I will be back to say "hello".

L. H.

Glenn, Ria & Shea Physical Therapy staff,

Thank you so much for care and dedication to my physical therapy treatment. You all made every visit enjoyable and productive. It's obvious you all are committed to the wellness of your patients! I hope to see you all again, (just not in your office)! You're always welcome to visit me at the Welder Wildlife Foundation!


M. S.

Dear Dan,

Thank you so much for all you did for me during my physical therapy sessions and especially for taking the time to come to the doctor with me.

You and your staff are truly an inspiration of dedication, cheerfulness and genuinely caring people.

May the Incarnate Word continue to bless you, your families and your business.

Love and gratitude,

Sister C.

To Shea Staff:

Too often good deeds go unnoticed! I just wanted to acknowledge the professionalism, kindness, and unique personalities that are in that wonderful place. As I said often, "I love you, but I don't want to see you SO frequently".

Shana, Paige, Ria, Alex, Cheryl and every other person who touched my life treated me as an individual while focusing on my injury. And each one treated me as a special person. To be in a situation where a therapist is number one, but you have to be a therapist, psychologist and "friend". Each time was like being "at home". And a "good-bye" every time you left.

Dan, I haven't mentioned everyone - but all are special. Thank y'all for all you did for me.


Dear Daniel:

As a departing patient of your outstanding organization, I wanted to let you know how great my time with your therapists and other employees has been for me. Your organization came highly recommended to me by my home healthcare people who supported me after my hip replacement. They insisted I needed to follow up with a professional organization and with a therapist with a license. And so it was that I ended up at Shea and I am so happy to report how great that experience has been.

While I can't begin to remember all the names, I will identify the areas of your organization I am referring to. Obviously one of my first stops was with the gals up front who were most helpful in getting me started. They handled the insurance issues, co-pays, etc with professionalism and guidance. They were not only professional but a friendly and upbeat way of conducting business. Never left there any day without a "See you on the next day, whatever that day was.

I then spent some time with Ria Strowbridge who reviewed my case and discussed various treatments which I may be into. She was very professional, and friendly at the same time. During my stay with you all she noted that I was having problems with my leg swelling and offered some possible ways to reduce said swelling. Yes, it worked and I was so happy with that.

I also spent time with the gals in the back who applied heat to my leg prior to going out on the main floor for exercises. They were great and I enjoyed their singing while I was in their area. They too, like everyone else showed how much they enjoyed what they were doing. We exchanged hellos to each other right up till the day I left.

Now comes the great part of my time with your organization. That was definitely while I was under the care and treatment of Shana Walker. I will forever have a special respect and feeling for her and the time she spent with me. I am in far better shape today as a result of her excellent program that she established for me. That included what I did in your facility and the program she set up for me to carry out at home. I am where I am today, thanks to Shana. She is a real pro and has a way of getting you to do things you would like not to do if left on your own. Words cannot explain how much I respect her and appreciate where she got me to in the healing process. I have been involved in physical therapy all my life as an athlete and I can honestly say she is the best I have ever been associated with. You definitely have a winner there and I am sure you are aware of that.

Thank you for everything that has been done for me within your organization. You can be proud of this group you have put together, and well you should be. You can count on my recommendations for your organization to anyone I know who seeks physical therapy. I intend to make my feelings known to Dr. Klimisch, when next I see him.


Shea Physical Therapy

Thought I'd take a few minutes to put down some thoughts about Shea Physical.

Up front I'd like to commend the entire staff for the concentrated effort to their profession. Hustle and bustle making your patients feel better. Your therapy procedures are excellent. During my time receiving therapy was great.

But during this I observed the other therapy that prevails at your offices that therapy begins as soon as a person approaches the office; the therapy of speech that each employee practices during their entire time with each patient.

You guys are just plain "Good Folks".
My last word...
Keep on keeping on!
Go for!
Just do it!

Your friend,


Nelda, Thank you for taking the extra steps to highlight and jot notes on the ledger you provided to help me understand your billing system. Though you must have to explain such details repeatedly your patience persevered. That's not only "good business", that is "kindness". Thanks for making our world a better place. Blessings!


I appreciate you taking time from you busy schedule to give our students an insight on how to run a successful Physical Therapy Clinic. The field trip was very informative to both students and me. I could not have chosen a better person to illustrate the art of professionalism. Please thank the rest of your staff for making us feel at home. Especially Sheila for giving us some great ideas and information. Again, thank you for your continuing support and commitment to our students at West Oso Independent School District.

I recognize and appreciate skilled, competent persons who are focused on their duties, as to which I count you and your helpers.


I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and the members of your staff for the attention I received during my recent physical therapy. Each of the members of your staff who worked with me was kind and compassionate. Their professionalism and genuine concern was demonstrated in every aspect of their work.

The atmosphere prevalent at your facility testifies to the mission of service you provide your clients.

I cannot thank you enough for your generosity toward me. I pray that God will bless you abundantly for the good that you do.

Sister E.D., SOLT

I know that our good LORD JESUS CHRIST does wonderful things and one of them is placing caring Angels here on earth. And I can say one thing; he really did a great job of filling the SHEA THERAPY CENTER with his Angels. Just lying there on that table exercising with the help of Angel Ria amidst all the pain and anxiety, you can close your eyes and still hear the laughter going on about you. This in itself takes away much of the pain and turns it into a happy time. This is a way that God is showing his love for us. I want to thank each and every one of you Angels that have put me on the road to recovery. May the good Lord bless you and keep you all.


I thank you and your helpers - Lucy, Lydia, Hilda, Lupe, Marc and Vanessa for the friendly and efficient way you managed my treatment.

I also thank Dan for fostering such a happy and congenial work place.

If or when I have my left knee replaced, I hope I get you, or your clone, to supervise my rehabilitation.


I am writing to commend Diane Drysdale. She has been a major help to me. She is highly professional and quite knowledgeable. She is an excellent teacher. She gives attention to detail and she has taught me to give attention to detail. She does not tire of my endless questions!

My doctor insisted that I come to Shea Physical Therapy and now I understand why. My wife's massage therapist says you are the best. If all your therapists are the same caliber as Diane, I can understand why you have the reputation as "the best in South Texas". Thanks for offering such an outstanding service.


I recently had therapy sessions for my shoulder at your facility.May I compliment you on your consummate professionalism and that of your staff.

Not only is your staff extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of therapeutic treatment but also maintains a cheerful and positive atmosphere while teaching patients the exercises that benefit them.

I had ample occasions to observe patients enter in distress and discouragement and leave in good spirits of optimism.

It is good to see professionals consider the whole person who is being treated. Congratulations to you and your staff.

H.,,. Commander U.S. Navy (Ret)

I want you to know how much I appreciate the very great kindness that was shown to me by every single member of the staff and the wonderful atmosphere of caring and friendliness that all of you maintain in the office. I often marveled at the speed with which my treatments began as soon as I arrived at the office, and at the way that some staff member took over if my therapist, usually Joyce, was busy with someone else. You are amazingly alert and helpful.

So thank you to each of you, with special word of thanks to Dan who directs the whole office and to Joyce who spent so much time with me. But each of you is special to me, and I pray that God will continue to direct you and to help you in the great work that you are doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sister K. M., IWBS

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